Email Marketing Course

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Are you ready to create the single biggest most powerful asset you can create for your online marketing?

Building an email list is the single most important activity you can do with your online marketing.

It is your most valuable online asset and can help you grow your business in ways you probably have not imagined.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to build your own email list from sratch
  • You will understand how email marketing works
  • You will learn the best practices for writing emails
  • You will understand how to avoid spam filters and comply with can-spam legislation
  • You will understand why email marketing is essential for any online business
  • You will have a full grasp of email marketing and all the essential ingredients for a successful marketing campaign

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Understand Email Marketing

Understand Email Marketing00:00:00
Contact Management00:00:00

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Writing

Email Delivery



  • You will need access to the internet
  • You will need to be willing to learn and work hard on building an email list

Target Audience

  • This course is for business owners and marketers who want to understand how to use email marketing in their business